2024-2025 Pictorial Directory Advertiser Rate Sheet

As in last year's Pictorial Directory, the 2024-2025 edition will include these beneficial indices:

  • Complete List of Advertisers
  • Alphabetized list of NCMS members (with all pertinent office data)
  • Classification of NCMS Members by Specialty
  • Physicians' Groups and/or Business Names
  • Listings of Medical Agencies/Facilities: Area Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, Health Support Organizations
  • Current Legislators
  • Other Texas CMS (county medical societies)


The 2024-2025 Pictorial Directory will again include tab dividers for easy access to the pictorial and the specialty sections of the directory.  These tab dividers are prime locations for advertising


Please take a few minutes to review the enclosed information.  We need your signed contract and payment by March 18th, 2024.   Please be aware that location choices are granted on a first-paid/first-served basis; therefore, it is in your best interest to act quickly.  Also, only preferred space ads, i.e., those for which extra money is paid, are guaranteed a specific location.  All others are dependent upon space limitations.


If you have any questions, please call NCMS office at: smontemayor@nuecesmedsociety.org.                


Thank you for your time and for your continued support of the Nueces County Medical Society.



2024-2025 NCMS Pictorial Directory

Deadline for copy

March 18th, 2024



Back Cover                                                                               $2,850

Front Inside Cover                                                                  $2,000

Back Inside Cover                                                                   $2,000

Tab Dividers (one full page, front, color or B&W)             $1,700

Tab Dividers (one full page, back, color or B&W)              $1,565


One full page (color)                                                              $1,250

One full page (black & white)                                               $900

One-half page (black & white)                                              $600 (full color add $150)                              

One-fourth page (black & white)                                          $450 (full color add $150)      

One-eighth page (black & white)                                          $280 (full color add $150)


**Add $100 for special locations (front of directory — pages that fall before physician photos)**