Committees Interest Indicator 

If you are interested in participating in more than one Committee please indicate your order of preference by marking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  You will be notified in writing of your appointment to a Committee.  All Committee members are appointed annually by the President. Click here to download form.  Please email your committee selections to

Editorial Board (Meets 3rd Wednesday of every Month at 12:30 p.m.)
Purpose: The duties of this Committee are to review articles for publication in Coastal Bend Medicine; write and/or solicit technical articles written by members of the Society; and help the Editor with the continued success of the magazine.

Patient Care Task Force (meets as needed)
Purpose: To improve the quality of patient care in the community.

Public Education/Public Relations 
Purpose: The duties of this Committee are to engage in and to conduct such activities as may result in a proper evaluation by the public of the services of the medical profession as well as a proper evaluation of the medical profession and its obligations to the public.  Committee members shall become knowledgeable of the ethics of a member of the medical profession in his relationships with the news media and with the public and shall be able to give sound advice in this regard.

Member Recruitment
Purpose: The duties of this Committee are to solicit physicians who are not already members of the Society to apply for membership, and encourage new members to participate in the Society's Committees.

Legislative Committee
Purpose: The duties of this Council shall be to assist in securing the enactment and enforcement of and appropriate medical and health care legislation in cooperation with the Texas Medical Associations Council on Legislation. 

Physicians Health and Rehabilitation (Meets 4th Thursday of the Month, Quarterly)
Purpose: The duties of this Committee shall be to identify, strongly urge treatment for, review rehabilitation provided to, and evaluate the competence of impaired physicians within Nueces County.

Please email with your committee selections.