The purposes of this Society are (1) to serve the people of Nueces County in matters of medical care, (2) to federate the profession licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas, (3) to unite with other component societies to form the Texas Medical Association and through it with other State associations to form and maintain the American Medical Association, (4) to promote unity and cooperation among its members, (5) to secure the enactment of appropriate medical and health care legislation, (6) to extend medical knowledge and advance medical science, and (7) to strive for the prevention and cure of disease and the improvement of public health.


NCMS publishes a bi-monthly magazine Coastal Bend Medicine. Articles for the magazine should be submitted to The Editorial Board reviews all submissions, including research papers, and decides on placement in the six yearly issues. Deadlines for submissions are the first of February, April, June, August, October and December. Advertising and subscriptions are also accepted. Please contact Sandra at 361-884-5442 for more information.


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