The 2017 leaders for the Nueces County Medical Society (NCMS) . 

The leaders for 2017 are:  NCMS President David Vanderheiden, DO; NCMS President Elect Justin Hensley, MD; Vice President Jacob Moore, MD; Secretary Vishnu Reddy, MD; Treasurer Marita Rafael, MD; Treasurer Elect Lloyd Stegeman, MD.

The 2017 NCMS board of Censors are:  Adam Spengler, MD; John Lusins, MD; Lori Anderson, MD; Ruben Pedraza, MD; Shahed Ghoghawala, MD and Fabricio Zunigo, MD.

TMA Delegates are:  Rafael F Coutin, MD; Jerry Hunsaker, MD; Mary Dahlen Peterson, MD; Wesley W. Stafford, MD; John D. McKeever, MD; Jane O. Stafford, MD; Al Gest, DO, and Jack Cortese, MD.

The 2017 NCMS leaders are in office from Jan. 1-Dec. 31.