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Are you an employed physician? Do you need help figuring your RVS? HCMS has developed a program to assist you in calculating your RVS. Select your specialty and a monthly, quarterly or yearly time period (a spreadsheet of the most common CPT codes in their specialty is shown). Then enter the number of times you perform each CPT code and the spreadsheet calculates their total work RVUs. The link for the calculator is:

  • https://www.hcms.org/work-rvu-calculator/


Concerned about the new open carry law?  Read the latest information from TMA about your options.

Need Information about Zika? Nueces County and Corpus Christi residents can now call an information hotline number for a pre-recorded message on Zika Virus. The phone number for the Zika Virus Information Hotline is 361-826-7204 and can be reached at any time.

The informational hotline allows callers to receive the latest information collected and published by the Centers for Disease Control, the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Health District. The hotline will provide Nueces County and Corpus Christi residents access to a highly informative snap shot of the most current Zika virus information in state, city and county. The hotline answers questions and advises callers on what they can do as a community as well as an individual to protect our homes, families, and especially pregnant women from Zika exposure.

By providing this line of communication, the Health District hopes to lower the risk of Zika infection among residents in city and county. The recorded message will be updated as more information is made available.



Have you reviewed your profile on the TMB website? The information listed there is open to the public. Take the time to review your profile and contact the TMB with any changes and/or corrections. The TMB website is: www.TMB.state.tx.us

DocBooksMD is free to all NCMS members. To register, download the app from the iTunes App Store or Android Market, then follow the steps to complete your registration. You must know your NCMS ID# to finish your registration. Call the NCMS office at (361) 884-5442 if you need to get that number.

Have ethics questions? Check out the TMA Board of Councilors current opinions at: www.TexMed.org/template.aspx?id=392

Unhappy with your physican ranking? There are ways to dispute insurance company rankings and tierings. Read the attached file for more information. AMA Guide to Disputing Rankings and Tierings  

Need help with office staffing? NCMS has partnered with Favorite Staffing to offer this service to our members. Contact Brian Cleary at 210-918-8737 or email to: bcleary@favoritestaffing.com for more information.

Congratulations to our NCMS medical practices with 100% membership! They are: Cardiology Associates of Corpus Christi, Coastal Children's Clinic, PA, Radiology & Imaging of South Texas, LLP, Radiology Associates, and Sound Physicians.

  When Hurricane season is upon us, NCMS recommends preparing your practice and patients for any disaster. Check out this important information on the following link. Emergency Preparedness Guide   Have you registered with NCMS in case of an emergency?  Please fill out the attached form and fax to 361-884-5478. Emergency Response Registration  

CMS has more information available on the CQMs and how to successfully report them. See these files at:

https://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/55_EducationalMaterials.asp#TopOfPage and https://www.cms.gov/MLNProducts/Downloads/EHR_Webinar_Transcript.pdf

Want to know more about e-prescribing? Check out the following links: http://www.cms.gov/ERxIncentive/01_Overview.asp#TopOfPage and http://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=22939  

Need help with a health plan ranking or tiering?The attached document that can be used for guidance when appealing ranking/tiering status with a health plan.It includes information that should be taken into consideration when filing an appeal and information that the health plan should comply with under the state law (i.e., appeal timeframes, measure being used, adequate data provided to make a determination, response to a face-to-face meeting request.) Ranking/Tiering Guide   

The Nueces County Medical Society recommends that everyone check their health on a regular basis. Dr. J. Stefan Walker has compiled a health assessment brochure that helps you evaluate your health status. That brochure and health maintenance information can be downloaded with the following links.  

  Health Assessment Brochure       Women: Stay healthy at any age       Men: Stay healthy at 50+ 



NCMS publishes a bi-monthly magazine Coastal Bend Medicine. Articles for the magazine should be submitted to sdavis@nuecesmedsociety.org. The Editorial Board reviews all submissions, including research papers, and decides on placement in the six yearly issues. Deadlines for submissions are the first of February, April, June, August, October and December. Advertising and subscriptions are also accepted. Please contact Susan at 361-884-5442 for more information.

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